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Boiler Water Treatment

Our boiler water treatment is based on ASME and British Standards for the treatment of water and fire tube boilers. Our boiler water treatment strategy revolves around understanding our client’s application, pre-treatment systems, chemical dosing and control. Our focus is to ensure that our customers produce steam reliably, ensure their capital equipment is protected at all times and energy and water efficiency is optimised at all times.

Our boiler water treatment range includes:

  • Oxygen scavengers, catalysed and un-catalysed, tannins

  • Scale control for all polymer

  • Phosphate treatments for scale control

  • Coordinated phosphate treatment systems (high-pressure applications)

  • Multifunctional chemistries – blends that include alkalinity, scale control (dispersant) and oxygen scavengers

  • Condensate treatments (food and non-food applications)

As a company, we have invested in our own R&D to develop our own unique dosing control and monitoring system. iH2OM REAL TIME ™ Boiler Water (BW) has been designed for the dosing, control and monitoring of boiler water systems live and in real time.


iH2OM REAL TIME ™ BW ensures:

  • Reduced risk and improved reliability through the ability to monitor, control and report critical water treatment parameters, live 24/7

  • Water and energy savings

  • Extended capital life through superior chemical control

  • Clear and concise access through a web server or through BMS

iH2OM understand the importance of pre-treatment equipment in boiler water treatment and as such can supply softeners, sand and carbon filters, reverse osmosis (RO) filters to ensure boiler feedwater is of the highest quality.

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