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Cleaning and Sanitation (Integrated Hygiene Management): Service

Cleaning and Sanitation

Integrated Water Management has developed a cleaning and sanitation division known as Integrated Hygiene Management (IHM). IHM is a manufacturer of high-quality cleaning and sanitation products that are used in the following industries:

  • Beverage packing and breweries

  • Red meat processing

  • Poultry processing

  • Small goods manufacturing

  • Snack foods

  • Dairy including ice-cream, yoghurt, cheese UHT milk production

  • Frozen foods and canned goods


IHM specialises in major food and manufacturing cleaning and sanitation. We have an extensive range of the following chemical cleaning products available:

  • Chlorinated, soft metal safe and phosphate-free alkali foaming cleaners for heavy duty cleaning and sanitation

  • Non or low-foaming foaming alkaline cleaners for specialised cleaning applications- like smokehouses, commercial kitchens, breweries

  • Acidic foaming and non-foaming detergents that clean and sanitise.

  • Sanitisers –

    • Peracetic acid-based  

    • Alcohol-based

    • Ammonium foaming and non-foaming

    • Chlorinated-based

    • Hydrogen peroxide-based

  • CIP cleaners – acid, caustic, and sanitisers

  • Commercial laundry products

  • Specialised floor cleaners

  • Specialised glass and bathroom cleaners

  • Specialised chrome and stainless cleaners

  • Specialised hook and roller lubricants with the highest protection / lubrication properties for abattoirs

  • Packaging line lubricants – both wet and dry lubricants

  • Hand care

    • Antibacterial hand wash

    • Alcohol-based hand sanitisers – gel and spray type

    • Heavy duty workshop / industrial hand wash - grit-based  

  • Customised chemistries – with difficult to clean operations we are willing to develop specialised cleaning solutions for applications if required.


Designed for major food, beverage, and manufacturing – typical pack sizes are 4x5L for hand care 20L, 200L and 1000L


IHM has extensive experience in providing the best ways to use and deliver chemistries. We can supply the following:

  • Dosing and metering systems to accurately dose and control chemistry

  • Chemical storage and bunding systems to suit applications

  • Mobile foamers

  • Dosing and sanitising stations

  • Ring main dosing stations

  • Complete engineered dosing and control solutions

For further information on cleaning and sanitation, contact us today
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