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Potable Water Disinfection

Drinking water disinfection is critical to health and safety. Microbial control can affect the following:

  • Human health through drinking water

  • Human health through exposure to legionella present in drinking and cooling water

  • Product quality in manufacturing where water is a raw ingredient

  • Corrosion and fouling effects through microbial activity in potable water supply


iH2OM has extensive expertise in drinking water disinfection and management for local communities, manufacturing, and hospitals. Our treatment methodology focusses on our proven Chemical, Service, Equipment (CSE) approach for both cold and warm water applications. We use well proven chemical management utilising our specialised chlorine dioxide chemistry (PWDIOX) where suitable with our iH2OM REAL TIME™ PW (POTABLE WATER) monitoring and control system along with tailored service that ensures reliable and accurate control of potable water systems.

iH2OM REAL TIME™ PW provides the following value to our clients:

  • Monitor, control and report critical water treatment parameters live and in real time  - 24 / 7

  • The ability to respond to issues when they occur, providing faster response capability

  • Clear and concise access through a web server or through BMS

Potable Water Disinfection: Service
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