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Potable Water Clarification

Water that we drink is essential part of life for all of us. There is a growing concern that our drinking water has high levels of aluminium from traditional treatment coagulants like alum, aluminium chlorohydrate. Traditional potable water coagulants tend to require high dosages, lower raw water pH, require addition of soda ash to raise pH and create large volumes of sludge.  

iH2OM has developed a range of coagulants and flocculants that will cost-effectively improve the performance of potable water treatment plants. Our treatment programs comply with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and bring a range of benefits including the following:

  • Substantially lower dose rates - our replacement ratios for alum dosage can be as low as 1:10, and ACH can be replaced as low as 1:3

  • Larger floc formation, faster treatment rates,

  • Improved turbidity and colour removal

  • Low pH effect, less soda ash required

  • Lower sludge volumes

  • Lower overall operating costs


All recommendations on chemistry are based on a rigorous process of testing on site.

Potable Water Clarification: Service
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