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Our cooling water programs, and modes of operation are best practice in accordance with the Public Health Guidelines and with AS 3666. Our cooling water treatment strategy is based on sound microbial control, which is the basis for ensuring excellent scale, corrosion and fouling control.

iH2OM have a diverse range of cooling water scale and corrosion inhibitors that are suitable for a wide variety of water qualities and metallurgies. We also have an extensive range of oxidising and non-oxidising biocides that are proven to control microbiological activity. Our chemistries are enhanced  by our iH2OM REAL TIME™ Cooling Tower (CT) control system.

iH2OM REAL TIME™ Cooling Tower (CT)

This technology has been developed specifically for the dosing, control and monitoring of cooling water systems  and critical parameters – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

iH2OM REAL TIME™ CT can monitor and control the following critical parameters:

  • Inhibitor concentration  

  • Biocide concentration

  • pH

  • Conductivity

  • ORP

  • Temperature

  • Low-level chemical alarms

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  • Reduced risk and improved reliability through the ability to monitor, control and report critical water treatment parameters 24/7

  • Water and energy savings

  • Extended capital life

  • The ability to respond to issues when they occur, providing faster response capability

  • Clear and concise access through a web server or through BMS (see example below)

Cooling Water: Services
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Cooling Water Treatment

In order to ensure cooling water control and plant performance is enhanced, you may need to upgrade the following:

  • Side stream filtration utilizing cyclonic and glass media filtration

  • Chemical storage and bunding to meet DG specifications

For further information on cooling water treatment, contact us today
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